DX Cluster - Get your DX Spots here. K4UJ currently has two DX Spider nodes running on Google Compute instances. One is located in the eastern United States, and the other is location in London, England. They are connected to each other and should provide some of the most reliable and fastest connections.  The telnet port is 7300.

cluster-us.dx-is.com port 7300 DXSpider V1.57 build 211

cluster-eu.dx-is.com port 7300 DXSpider V1.57 build 211

cluster-vk.dx-is.com port 7300 DXSpider V1.57 build 211

D-STAR Reflector 065B

Tech Hangar is how I like to think of this refleftor. A bit of history... In the late 90's and early 2000's The DX Machine in Atlanta, Georgia was a hopping place. On nearly every commute, you would find someone talking about the latest DX they worked, chatting about erecting towers and antennas, or some chatter about the latest technology. It was not uncommon to chat about routers, firewalls, ISDN lines (yeah that old slow stuff) or the latest software package for amateur radio. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the repeater 147.195 has been off the air for over a decade.

REF065B is my attempt to re-create that venue through the wonders of D-Star. As many amateur radio operators seem to also be pilots, feel free to come chat about general aviation.